Taste ‘n’ Tell Food Education

- Giving children the gift of knowledge about food

Taste ‘n’ Tell teaches children the origins of food while expanding vocabulary, encouraging communication and promoting early reading. Utilising fun characters and carefully composed rhyming couplets Holly honeybee, Veggie vole, Millar mouse, Beefy bear and Darcey dragon go on a discovery to find their favourite food.


  – A combined resource for Nurseries, Primary schools, Special Needs schools, Child-minders and the general public.


Holly loves fruit, Veggie loves vegetables, Millar loves grains, Beefy loves protein and Darcey loves dairy. Children relate the characters to the various foods and rhymes.


Where appropriate to enhance the experience, the container provided can be used for further sensory investigation of food types such as grains, fruit and vegetables.

Taste ‘n’ Tell  Books

3-7 years

EY & Infants

Taste'n'Tell Books

Taste ‘n’ Tell Food Cards

4-11 years

EY & Primary

Taste'n'Tell Cards