Single Vegetable Starter pack including Discovering Vegetables with Veggie vole

£27.00 (incl p&p)

Taste ‘n’ Tell Starter Pack – £27 (incl. P & P)

  • 1 x Base with replaceable food pod
  • 1 x refill book-Discovering vegetables with Veggie vole
  • 1 x Instruction booklet
  • 1 x Reward chart
  • 1 x Sheet of reward stickers


This amazing great value starter pack introduces the REAL (Reading Eating and Learning) System. The Starter Pack includes the book Discovering Vegetables with Veggie vole. This is one of two available refill books in the Discovering Food Series. Also included in the starter pack is the book refill platform incorporating the food sample pod, a reward chart and branded stickers.

Each book is carefully designed to suit pre-school children up to around 7 years old. The beautiful illustrations are in a vivid realism style, with a white background for maximum clarity. Our Sassoon Infant typeface has been carefully chosen for early readers. The page layout is presented in an uncluttered format for ease of reading. The large font appeals to all young children, including partially-sighted children and those with special needs.

The Taste ‘n’ Tell REAL System uses a methodology based on a ‘Peer modelling and rewards-based intervention’ approach. Academic research has demonstrated the application of three factors; taste exposure, role-models and rewards, leads to an effective and sustainable way to increase children’s consumption of new healthy foods.

The books are designed in a lie-flat board book format. They each have eight thick, glossy, wipe-clean card leaves. The left-hand page of each double spread contains large vivid photographs of individual foods, depicting images of the food in its whole form, sliced on a plate and showing the origin. The right-hand page displays the rhyming couplets, along with beautifully-illustrated characters discovering their favourite food.