Example 1

Point to the pictures in the book, describe them and read the rhymes out loud. When you arrive at the page with the pictures of the food you have placed in the pod, e.g. apricot, emphasise the call to action; Holly says, “You decide when it’s time to peek inside.” You can then say, “Perhaps we should peek now”. Together, open the pod with the portion of apricot inside, using the phrase, “Wow, it’s apricot”. Encourage your child to taste the apricot, smell the aroma, recognise the colour and feel the texture. Reward them with a sticker and a “Well done”.

Example 2

Expand on the element of surprise. Turn the pages and say, “Can you guess which vegetable is in the pod today?” Open the pod and say, “Oh look its broccoli”. Find the page with broccoli. Read the rhyme and say, “Veggie loves to eat broccoli and he would like you to try broccoli too.” Enjoy as your child tastes the vegetable and points to the picture. Time for a sticker, ‘lots of smiles’ and ‘lots of praise’. It’s amazing how early a child can use new skills and the pleasure you will both get from it; along with your sense of pride in how clever your child can be with the ‘Taste ‘n’ Tell REAL System.

Example 3

Leave the pod unfilled and close with a double-click. Simply enjoy the beautiful photographs, illustrations, character adventures and rhymes, leaving out the need to peek inside. Explain to your child, the characters do not always leave a food sample and that’s okay.

Example 4

In this example you can introduce counting. Find the page with corn on the cob. Encourage your child to count the corn, ask, “How many pieces of corn are in the pod?” Count aloud, then taste and recognise the corn in the picture.

Example 5

Experiment with your own ideas and methods. Make the Taste ‘n’ Tell experience truly personal to you and your child. Remember to talk about colour, smell, sound, texture and taste e.g. Is it tangy, sweet, sour, salty, bitter, smooth, lumpy, dry or juicy?


Reward your child’s achievements with praise, stickers, or both. Keep personal records or use the detachable reward chart enclosed. Positively encouraging your child as they interact with the book is key. Smile, clap your hands, say, “Well done!” Sounds simple, but it’s amazing how often we forget the importance of showing appreciation for our child’s achievements. They may not string long sentences together, but they do understand, and the more you talk to them, the more you will help to develop those important communication skills. Pride yourself in being your child’s most important teacher.

  1. Use the reward chart to encourage counting. As you place a new sticker on the chart, always remember to count aloud the number of stickers achieved.


It’s crucial to keep your Taste ‘n’ Tell book and platform clean and hygienic

  • Wash and dry the pod after use.
  • The pod and base are dishwasher safe.

•  The book is made from hygienic wipe-clean material but is not designed to be immersed in water or other liquids.